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Michail Nekrashevich workshop founded in 2002. Today - it is a generator of ideas, which gives creative charge of adrenaline to different masters of different crafts, and customers take pleasant troubles by financing this process.

The scope of our activities:

Architectural design and landscape architecture
Corporate Identity
Interior Design
Architecture and Design
Architectural objects
Facades and exterior design
Urban design
Design details of the interior and exterior

Our interests are wider.

We have been create many big and small projects. Take a look and read. If we are going same way- we’ll move together!

We deal:

  • We do: Generate ideas.
  • Ideas convert to space.
  • Making comfortable space which filled by life, nature, philosophy and beauty.
  • We love:

  • Our work.
  • To do it as we consider correct.
  • Beauty with all the ways.
  • Judges of masterpieces.
  • Professional competitors.
  • When customers do not go between the bark and the tree.
  • A cup of tea on the table.
  • To look at the stars.
  • Make sketches.
  • Yes, we also love minimalism.
  • We also know:

  • Beauty is eternal.
  • Masterpieces takes a lot of time and money.
  • Idea comes suddenly, but it needs to be done.
  • There is design or it is not.
  • We know few.
  • We can do a lot, but we must to learn more.
  • We do not work:

  • With greedy, boring and dishonest.
  • When “it’s not our cup of tea”.
  • When we rest.
  • Workshop Michail Nekrashevich
    Nekrashevich Michail
    Vernush Alexander
    Nekrashevich Dmitriy


    Kazakhstan Astana, st. moskovskaya 3, of 100
    +7 701 9457575